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Do you know what a tailor does?

The job of a tailor is to design a piece of fabric of your choice. Similarly, an advertising agency will design your ideas into a complete audio or video ad tailored to your needs. In the same way, an advertiser offers an idea for an ad, and in return the advertising agency produces an attractive ad.

Whenever we talk about advertising on a large scale and with big and serious budgets, we naturally have to think about choosing an advertising agency .

Earlier, when we talked about the structure of the advertising industry, we mentioned that one of the most important and influential sectors in the advertising industry is advertising agencies.



A good salesperson is someone who has a good product and wants advertising to inform about his product and not to deceive the customer. And most importantly, he is so familiar with the concept of advertising and the advertising industry and the existential philosophy of advertising agencies that he has reasonable demands. Advertising agency in business is also a tool that is available to managers, and unfamiliarity with this tool causes it to not be used properly. For this reason, in this lesson and the next few lessons, we will examine the tasks of advertising agencies so that we can make good use of this important part of the advertising industry: